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image coaching & training

Image Development, Style Discovery & Wardrobe Support for Entrepreneurs and Women

Welcome to virtuous style

At Virtuous Style, we are personal stylists, colour consultants, and style trainers here to empower both men and women with a style that complements their inner beauty.

We offer style support, image development and wardrobe consulting for men and women who want to look and feel like their best selves, every day. We give you the confidence to succeed in life, work and relationships through the power of a deliberate and authentic image, or in other words, your personal branding.

In a world where image matters, having a wardrobe stylist curate your perfect look goes a long way in presenting your personality and professionalism to the world.

Our unique process of analyses highlight our clients’ individuality and personal development – and we teach you how to style yourself in order to project an image of success.

As your colour consulting experts, we are passionate about helping you express your true self, and look fantastic doing it.

Empowering men and women through an updated and stylish look is what we do best. Invest in yourself today by giving us a call on 0414469744 or filling out our online contact form.

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discover your colours

With our advanced computerised system, you receive a palette of your most flattering colours. Shopping for clothing (and makeup) becomes a breeze.

Wardrobe Planning

Experience the refreshing feeling of an organised wardrobe. Release, reset and repurpose your clothing before entering stores.

Consultant training

Virtuous Style’s system of colour analysis is advanced, computer-assisted and highly unique.
Contact us to become a colour analysis expert.

Customers who talk about us

“Having my own Colour Palette has changed my life. It has completely changed the way I shop. I LOVE my palette – I think everyone should have one! I don’t bring home anything that I end up hating and doesn’t go with anything else. I used to end up throwing away so much clothing, or giving it to the op-shop, but knowing my colours has saved me so much money.” (Carol, Wandin North, VIC)


“Having my colours done has already saved me money & time.  I now know what NOT to look for and I don’t waste my time on them.  I feel much more condent about what I choose and wear.  People comment and say “that looks great” when I’m in my right colours, and they also comment when I don’t wear the right colours!” (Mary – Croydon North, VIC)

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