Your Clothing Determines Your Energy

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Rachel Hook and Brigitte Knight: Down-to-earth Sisters and working mums who have made the connection between clothing and energy

Your clothing determines your energy. That’s not the only thing, but it is a powerful thing that you get to choose every day.

I was at Friday night drinks with other entrepreneurs at Waterman in Chadstone. I was networking with a gentleman who wore a well-fitted, woolen knit jumper over a shirt and smart jeans – not his usual attire for business.

We got chatting about the connection between what we wear and how we feel, and his reflections were: “I normally wear a suit, so when I dress more casually for Friday night drinks, I feel totally different. It really affects my energy.”

Stop for a second and think about what you’re wearing right now.

Now consider how your day is going.

Are you feeling sluggish or slow? Are you finding it difficult to get your brain into gear for this work task you’re meant to be focusing on?

Sometimes changing just one piece in your outfit can make a huge difference.

I have noticed SHOES to be very influential – could a different pair of shoes be all you need to shift your frame of mind and energy levels?

Over-sized clothing that doesn’t flatter your figure should be avoided too. Comfort doesn’t have to equal drab. Make sure any lockdown attire has a bit of shape or drape in its fit, even if it’s cold. Furthermore, wearing a sack will not generate ENERGY.

Like coffee, exercise and nutrient-rich food, your clothing has the capacity to increase or decrease your energy levels.

Rachel Hook

Personal Image Coach, Colour Consultant and Stylist (Melbourne and online)

Rachel and her team offer virtual and in-person wardrobe consultations, shopping assistance and colour analysis. Their special niche is a scientific approach to colour – bringing your wardrobe for work and leisure together with who you are inside and out.