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A colour scheme that matches your complexion is the foundation of good personal style. Good colour combinations are more aesthetically pleasing and give you more diverse choices to mix and match different outfits. Even with a wardrobe full of clothes, you may find that when you look in your closet, you feel like you have nothing to wear. In many cases, this is likely because the colours in your wardrobe don’t match your skin tone. Feeling like you don’t have anything to wear can cause unneeded stress before a busy day, making you feel defeated before the day has begun. That’s where colour analysis comes in. Our unique colour analysis system identifies the dimensions of your natural colour palette, including your hair, eyes and skin, in order to create the perfect colour palette for you. Each colour palette is unique, containing up to 40 colours selected just for you.

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The Benefits Of Colour Consulting

Colour consulting gives you the power to flaunt your unique qualities, and feel great doing so. By visiting a colour consultant, you are investing in yourself and showcasing your inner strength and beauty to the world. A colour scheme that is diverse and suits your natural colour tones transforms your wardrobe into a positive place of self-expression. A wardrobe full of colours and clothes that work together, not only help to make you look and feel great, but also saves you time. Your unique colour palette will flow perfectly into each piece of clothing in your wardrobe, making it easy to choose an outfit that suits any occasion. Your colour consultant will direct you towards clothes that are stylish and suit your wardrobe. A thorough colour analysis of your wardrobe will help change your life. Wearing clothes that highlight your strengths help others view you in the best possible light, earning you the appreciation and respect you deserve. To invest in yourself and shine in any situation, give us a call on 0414469744 or fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch to start your journey towards a more confident and successful you.

What to expect from our colour analysis sessions

You can expect your stylist to be planned, professional and personal too. Your first session will simply be an analysis of your skin, hair and eyes, in your home. You may be asked to fill out some questionnaires to help us get in touch with your current needs and future image goals. For this consultation, you will need a well lit area and an hour of your time. Your analysis data will then be sent to head office, who will create your Palette and send it to your stylist ready for the next session.


In the second session, you will receive your personal Colour Palette and training on how to use it for shopping and planning your wardrobe. You will discover your 3 Signature colours, your intensifying colours and how to wear them. These are 6 of your most important colours – you won’t be taught like this anywhere else!  You will learn new colour combination methods and about the best proportions of colour. You will learn which colours are your best and which colours to avoid. 


You will have the option to learn how to make your existing wardrobe colours work and what you need to add to it to improve it. You will be taught about colour capsules, using colour to flatter or minimise body areas, colour in business, maximising your outfit combinations and more… but don’t worry, everything your stylist teaches you will be written in your follow-up notes to refer to in future. Please note that we cater for those living in areas where we do not have stylists, or internationally, via Skype and tailored sessions. 

The effects of colour

Our clients love the result of having their colours done. Read more about the benefits.

Physical Effects

Wearing your most flattering colours will bring a glow to your skin, life to your hair and light to your eyes.  When colours in your clothing harmonise with your natural colouring, you will look healthier, younger and more eye-catching. People will see you because everything in your outfit points to and uplifts you, as opposed to competing with or detracting from you.  Wearing colours that don’t suit you can cause you to dislike your appearance – your face or hair, and you feel as though you have to change those things in order to feel good about yourself. In actuality, often all you need to do is wear the right colour- especially near your face.

Psychological Effects

Alter the atmosphere in and around you by the power of colour. Colour has power to alter our mood and the attitudes of those around us. The colours you are wearing can determine whether or not someone approaches you.  The colours you wear can establish rapport with people and draw them in, or they can create distance and push people away.  According to psychologists, colour is a key factor in helping us to process and store visual information more efficiently, as opposed to colour-less experiences. Between 62% and 90% of the visual impression is based on colour alone!