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About This Event

Would you like to know how to dress for your body type? Need to get organised with your shopping and wardrobe planning? Want to boost your clothing confidence?

At this live, online event, Founder of Virtuous Style, Rachel Hook, gives inspiration and style tips to get you started with enhancing and re-inventing your personal style – with authenticity, understanding and joy.

1/ Why clothing that fits and flatters is healthy for your self esteem, confidence AND time management
2/ The universal body types according to Virtuous Style, and goals for dressing each type
3/ The TOP 5 things you should know about your individual body, that will guide you in dressing (regardless of how happy you are with your current weight or shape)
4/ The reality of sizing in stores and online – and why the size on the label should be insignificant to your feelings about yourself

2 Dates:
• Thursday Feb 25, 7pm-8:30pm
• Saturday Feb 27, 9:00am-10:30am

This is for you if:
– you’d like to explore how to dress for your body type
– you feel stuck when putting together outfits
– you take more than 5 mins to choose an outfit
– you are keen for some “outside-in” transformation!
– would like the skills to styling yourself with greater confidence
– you have gone through recent body changes and need a new wardrobe
– fashion and shopping are normally un-inspiring for you…
– you’d love some new ideas to inspire you in 2021!

This is NOT for you if:
– you already know everything about dressing for your body type 🙂
– you don’t want to develop new skills and experience the joy of personal discovery

Note: Individual figure analyses will not be given in this group setting. Contact Rachel directly to book a personal consultation:
[email protected] or 0414469744.

Bio: Rachel Hook is the Founder of and Trainer for Virtuous Style, and has been teaching women and entrepreneurs the language of style and colour for 11 years.

Rachel is passionate about helping others to make their wardrobes a true expression of their unique self, highlighting their inner and outer attributes in an authentic way. She believes personal style begins with colour, and wardrobe harmony starts with a core set of colours unique to the individual.

As a down-to-earth musician, mum and entrepreneur, Rachel brings a warm and friendly approach to helping women overcome their wardrobe challenges, discovering their own beauty in the process.

Video production by Arek Rainczuk at Five Castles Business

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