One Powerful Wardrobe Tip Before Inviting a Stylist

Getting organized is a common theme for January, and with good reason. Having organized spaces is proven to increase productivity, and makes for a more efficient year.

Before falling over in desperation or wishful thinking (“I wish I could afford one of those Stylist people”… yes that was me 13 years ago) here’s what you can do to gain immediate progress with your wardrobe – which, no doubt, is full of clothes but yields minimal outfits – or frustrating ones at that!

This ONE SIMPLE, 15-minute ACTION will catapult you into 3 MORE actions, and therefore a sense of achievement, fast:

Arrange your hanging wardrobe into colour groups

To really see where your colour allegiances lie, try creating colour-groups for all your hanging clothes. You’ll then be able to stand back and reflect on which colours never actually get worn (and you can therefore part with) and which colours bring you most joy.

This “clear-cut colour-picture” enables one of my favourite exercises: “creating cleverly combined concoctions of colour”… okay what I mean is, you can ask yourself, ‘which colour groups can be worn together?’  

Mixing and matching items that work ALWAYS begins with colour-coordination, and regardless of whether you feel terrible at this, I promise you, after arranging your wardrobe into colour groups, you WILL be able to have a go.


Which colours never get worn? DONATE

Which colours bring me most joy? KEEP!

Which colour groups can be worn together? CREATE some new outfits

BONUS: You will now be flooded with good feelings when standing in your wardrobe each day, purely due to the lovely colour aesthetics! Feast your eyes, flood your soul, find fresh motivation!

ACTION: Set your timer for 15 minutes, and Ready, Set, Go!

OH WAIT A SEC: Take a Before picture, THEN Go!

Article by Rachel Hook

Founder, Trainer, Stylist at Virtuous Style

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